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Cyberspace requires a special and unique addressing system, known as the domain name system (DNS), which applies throughout cyberspace and doesn’t recognize regional or national boundaries. As in computer networking each computer on the internet has this unique address, which is called as Internet protocol (IP) address. This IP takes the form of four sets of numbers, separated by periods, or “dots” (such as 207.144.332.12). This numbers are what computers use to route traffic on the internet.
The organization that include in this matter is the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). This organization oversees IP address; DNS root zone managements and other internet protocol assignments. It is operated by the Internet Corporation under authority of the United States Commerce Department. This IP number very useful and understandable for computer, however are too long for humans to remember.


“Domain” came from the “Dominium”, a Latin word for property or right of ownership. A dictionary defines “Domain” as the territory over which dominion or authority is exerted. In the internet domain signifies “ownership” or a “space” in the digital and virtual world of networked computers. A domain name is thus a name that refers to a digital domain or territory on the internet. It is textual address which is anyone can find your host machine on the internet. Its contains labels and dot. The dot separated the labels. For example “fskk.com”. Here “fskk “and “com” is labels and separated by a dot.


URL is Uniform Resource Locator, a form of address that specifies the location of the object, usually a webpage or a website on the Internet. Its contains three part. There are:
1. Protocol (e.g. http)
2. Domain name of any Internet host (e.g. www. Fskk.com.my)
3. Path or file name (e.g. html, welcome/html)
There are some examples of URL:
1. http://www.fskk.com.my/welcome.html
2. http://www.ukm.edu.my
3. http://www.abc.com.my/somethings.gs

So, in URL also this domain is used. When you use the web or send e-mail message, a domain name is used. The URL http://fskk.com.my contains the domain name fskk.com.my. The e-mail address fskk_0910@yahoo.com contains domain name yahoo.com.


http://www.fskk.com.my (example)

level of this url are:

http = Hyper text transfer protocol

wwww = World Wide Web

fskk = Second-level domain (SLD)
*First come first served Basic
*free to choose

com = Top-level domain (TLD)
*Com: commercial
*Pre-defined by ICANN and the interNIC

my = Top level domain (TLD)
*Country code
*My: Malaysia

Technical characteristics

DNS names must be unique:
1. It cannot have two or more name that are the same .
2. Names need only differ slightly.
Registering authorities and top level domains independent
1. A name in one domain scheme does not preclude that name in
2. Must register in all domains to control name
3. Must register all combinations
4. Registering authorities operate their own regulations

Using a domain name which is the same or similar to a particular trademark can happen in many ways:
1. Slight amendment to letters
2. Reference in metatags
3. Deep linking

Cybersquatting is a registration of a domain name with a view to get something in return from the owner of a particular trademark who wishes to use that domain name. it can happen because of the domain name can be sold to a company or organization which intend to use the domain name, can be sold to the third party who has other interests in keeping the domain name and because to prevent the owner of a particular trademark from using the domain name.

Disney wins domain name case
Sunday, 06 September 2009

Disney Enterprises,the largest media and entertainment conglomerate in the world submitted a complaint to the National Arbitration Forum,requesting six domain names to be transferred to them .
The six domain names are : marypoppinsonbroadway.com, marypoppinstickets.net, marypoppinstickets.org, hannahmontanaticketsonline.com, and littlemermaidticketsny.com .Disney Enterprises owns various trademarks.The domain names marypoppinsonbroadway.com, marypoppinstickets.net, marypoppinstickets.org are confusingly similar to its Mary Poppins mark,hannahmontanaticketsonline.com is confusingly similar to its Hannah Montana mark and littlemermaidticketsny.com is confusingly similar to its Little Mermaid mark .Moreover,the entertainment conglomerate demonstrated that the domain names were registered and used in bad faith.The complainant ,demonstrated that two of the domain name resolves to their "Disney on Broadway” web page".Marypoppinstickets.org, hannahmontanaticketsonline.com, and littlemermaidticketsny.com seems to resolve " to a commercial website that sells goods and services that compete with Complainant’s business. Specifically, it appears that Respondent is diverting Internet users seeking Complainant’s entertainment goods and services to a website that sells tickets to Complainant’s shows, as well as shows of competitors, in competition with Complainant’s own sale of its goods and services. "Because the respondent failed to submit a response and because the complainant managed to demonstrate all the elements required,the Panel decided the six disputed domain names to be transferred from the respondent to he complainant.

Almost half of Malaysian listed companies yet to secure domain name
Malaysia’s domain registrar moves to pre-register .my domain
By AvantiKumar07 Sep 2009

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 SEPTEMBER 2009 -- Almost half of Malaysian public-listed companies have yet to secure their .my domain name, according to the country’s sole registrar .my DOMAIN REGISTRY.
“In support of Bursa Malaysia’s [Malaysian stock exchange’s] directive for all listed companies to have a corporate website, .my DOMAIN REGISTRY has announced that it is pre-reserving the domain names for a number of Bursa Malaysia companies it has identified as not yet having a ‘.my’ address,” said .my DOMAIN REGISTRY director, Shariya Haniz Zulkifli.
“From our research, nearly 50 per cent of the companies listed on Bursa Malaysia—inclusive of all three: main board, second board and MESDAQ—do not have, or do not actively identify their online presence via a .my domain name,” said Zulkifli, adding that the agency would ‘hold’ these domains on behalf of these companies until 31 October 2009 as part of its continuing efforts to encourage more Malaysian businesses to secure their online IP [intellectual property].
Formerly known as MYNIC, .my DOMAIN is the sole administrator for Web addresses that end with .my in Malaysia, and is an agency under the ministry of science, technology and innovation (MOSTI) regulated by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). As the national level domain name, .my gives Malaysian businesses and individuals their unique brand identity on the Internet.
Discount available
“To protect your business IP, we are advocating that Malaysian businesses, particularly public-listed ones, register with .my DOMAIN REGISTRY resellers. The ‘.my’ unique domain name not only protects IP rights here, it is arguably less open to cyber-squatting issues compared to the ‘.com’ domain names,” said Zulkifli.
“By registering domain names derived from famous or known brands, unscrupulous cyber squatters go to the extent of luring online consumers into purchasing counterfeit products, giving away personal information and exposing them to malware,” she added.
“As the national level domain name, ‘.my’ gives Malaysian businesses a unique brand identity that is accessible worldwide on the Internet. Utilising a ‘.my’ address will therefore not only differentiate local businesses from foreign entities but will also enhance its export and international market potential as a Malaysian company,” she said.
“Even small-medium enterprises [SMEs] should make their Malaysian identity more noticeable online as e-commerce has become one of the most important facets of the Internet as it is relatively cost-efficient, and a very effective and credible way of reaching out to the global market,” she said.

How to Choose the Right Domain Name

What’s your favorite word? There’s a certain magic in the right combination of syllables, the way a specific word rolls right off the tongue. Words like gregarious, origami and highfalutin sound fantastic -- even when all by themselves. These words, however, are also hard to spell, difficult to define and almost impossible to remember when the occasion finally does call for their use. What’s your favorite word? When you want to know how to choose the right domain name, the words you like no longer matter at all.
The most popular
domain names on the Web hardly even sound like real words (even if they are): Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia. It might sound like a lot of nonsense, but you’re listening to the symphony of money when you say these odd, one-word domain names. Maybe you don’t like the words -- but you know the sites (and so does everyone else). Need to know how to choose the right domain name? It’s time to take a crash course on Internet names, and online naming, in general. (from http://tools.devshed.com/c/a/Domain-Name)

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